[Fandom Friday] 02: Fanart, Fan RPG Boards, and Doujinshi


Welcome to the second column for Fandom Friday! I’ve got a submission in today’s entry, so you will see that below.

Also included are some images- I’ve found some fanart to share, as well as provided some photos of series of doujinshi that I’ve had in my personal collection for years. There are a lot of images of them at the end of the post, just as a heads up. These also have obvious spoilers for Ys Origin, Ys I, and Ys II, just so people are aware! – but it’s at the end of the post, so you don’t have to lose out on seeing everything else there is to offer in this week’s column.

Not only that, but Strega Appreciation Society has released two more chapters of their scanslation of the Trails in the Sky manga!

And remember, as always, if you have something you’d like to see highlighted in Fandom Friday, reach out to me via the contact form!


I want to start this week’s Fandom Friday with some fanart from various individuals on twitter. This will be focused on the Kiseki series, but I’ll track down some for other Falcom games for the next one.

Here are some I have seen on twitter in the past few weeks that I’d like to share:

Submission: Trails Centric Crossover Roleplay

Submitted by @SJehuty


Super Fantasy Wars R is a fan roleplay forum centered around uniting multiple fantasy themed works, mostly from Japanese media. While there is a facet of it that focuses on series taking place on Earth, the primary story focus for its community has always been the fantasy side, whose narrative is dominated by such works as Vision of Escaflowne, Broken Blade, RWBY, and most chiefly, Nihon Falcom’s famous Kiseki series.

Trails’ rich lore offers unprecedented unity and synergy between the roleplay’s component works, offering definition to unknown quantities or parties asd being defined by others in turn. Its original characters also act as a part of the universe instead of being mere outsiders.

You can find more information on it here.

Trails in the Sky Scanslation

Since the previous Fandom Friday, Strega Appreciation Society has released two more chapters of their scanslation of the Trails in the Sky manga.

There are direct downloads on their site, you can read them on Batoto through the following links:
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Doujinshi: Made-up’s Ys Books

This is an item from my own personal collection. One of my favorite Falcom fanartists goes by the name Jousan. You can find his pixiv page here. Over the years, however, I have made it a point to try and pick up every book of a comic retelling of Ys I and II that he has been doing- and I think it’s easily one of the best I’ve ever seen.

His retelling of the game has taken a few liberties here and there, and they are fantastic additions to the story. I also feel he has taken some ideas from the OVA series for Ys II that came out in the very early 90’s.

He regularly posts his books for purchase on Toranoana. (Warning: Toranoana is definitely not a work safe website. Please keep this in mind!) However, he’s finished through Ys I and Ys II, so you may need to do some hunting for this books if you’re interested in them.

As I don’t want to break the spines of these books, and to respect the artist, I have no intention to scan the books. However, I have photographed some pages from them so people can see the quality of art in the books.

With this, I will close off this week’s Fandom Friday with a pic spam from these doujinshi. Have a great weekend, and good luck with Extra Life if you’re running it tomorrow!
















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