Falcom Magazine vol 4 Hints at Two New Sen no Kiseki III Characters

Falcom revealed that the latest issue of Falcom Magazine is now available at Bic Camera in Tachikawa. As a result, it didn’t take long at all for 2ch posters to get there and start showing some of the new images in the book.

Back in March, a leak revealed a number of characters that were to be unveiled on the website over the course of the next few weeks. One of the new characters revealed for Sen no Kiseki III is one that should not be a surprise, because of the leak.

The best assumption that can be made regarding the silhouette would be none other than Tita Russell, who was last seen in Trails in the Sky the 3rd.

And it’s also easy to believe that where Tita goes, Agate follows, especially from this other screenshot spotted in the Falcom Magazine issue. While you can’t see his face clearly, the blade tells us everything we need to know.

We are likely to see these the official reveals of these new characters in the next week, as the next issue of Dengeki Playstation comes out on 5/11.

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