Sen no Kiseki II Correlation Chart from the Sen III Site Translated

Amongst the website updates for Sen no Kiseki III, Falcom has also released a correlation chart regarding the groups and characters and relationships in Sen no Kiseki II.

If you’ve notice how the featured image is just a screenshot of text- it’s because this chart is full of heavy spoilers for Sen and Sen II (Cold Steel / Cold Steel II).

As well as the image itself, there are a variety of footnotes with each section. I have identified them in the image with a blue number, and you can find the corresponding numbers to them below the image. Also, when you mouseover on each of the ILF members, you will find additional info. That’s below the footnotes.

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Image Footnotes

[ 1 ] – Duke Cayenne recklessly revived the Vermillion Apocalypse. As the Empire’s downfall was at hand, the ‘Third Force,’ Crow, and Clotilde settled the situation, and the war was ended.

[ 2 ] – Became the victor of the civil war through a combination of Rufus’ tactics, the return of the once-thought-dead Osborne, and Rean’s actions.

[ 3 ] – Zephyr is assumed to have been broken up. However, their current motive is that they are secretly investigating a way for their leader to return, who is believed to be dead.

[ 4 ] – The Ouroboros’ true goal is the Phantom Blaze Project, currently run by Clotilde. At the close of the Civil War, Osborne had hijacked the plan.

[ 5 ] – [G] and [V] died in the line of battle with this group that sought out Osborne’s assassination. At the end of the civil war, Crow worked together with Class VII to save the Empire from danger, but died in the process.

[ 6 ] – The Third Force acted on similar plans as the Reformist factions during the chaos of the civil war, and as the Ashen Chevalier, Rean rescued the imperial administration during the war.

[ 7 ] – During the civil war, Alfin, crown prince Cedric- her twin brother- were both used by Duke Cayenne, however both of them were saved through the actions of Class VII, Crow, and Clotilde.

ILF Member Additions

Crow – Helped bring about the civil war, and cooperated with the noble faction.

Scarlet – Cooperated with the noble faction in return to have a place to die.

Vulcan – Cooperated with the noble faction in return to have a place to die. Was killed during the civil war.

Gideon – Acted as a decoy during the coup attempt in Crossbell, and was slaughtered by jaegers hired by Osborne.

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