[Editorial] Los Angeles Bound & Falcom Fan Appreciation Event

Thank you very much for your support, everyone! The gofundme hit 100% this morning, and I’ve been dying to write this post for you guys, but my site has been down and what a mess.

But I want people to know that my tickets have been purchased, and I will be finishing up last minute things regarding where to stay and whatnot here in the next week. If I have readers in the LA area or if there are readers who will be at AX, hit me up on here or on twitter! I will be happy to meet up with people!

Falcom Fan Appreciation Event

This has been what I’ve been excited to tell people about: I’m planning a big event to show Toshihiro Kondo how much love he has from the English speaking fans. As a result, I have made arrangements to receive postcards.

Postcards you say? Why?

I want English speaking fans from all over the world to find a postcard local to them, write up a message (or even draw art!) to show the love to Falcom. I will then gather these postcards, put them into a box that I’m making (it’ll be perfect, I promise!), and present them to Kondo when I’m at AX this year. The reason for the postcard for the location is to show Kondo and the rest of Falcom how far and wide the English speaking fandom goes, and how much we appreciate the games and everything that they’ve made for us.

For example, if I were to do a postcard, I’d find something for Dallas, Texas- write a message, and drop it into the box. (And don’t worry. I’ll actually have one in there, anyway!)

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be revealing the box that these postcards are going into, since it’ll be a bit of a project on its own, as well.


The address you will want to send the postcards to is:

Endless History
P.O. Box 701957
Dallas, Tx 75370


1) I leave for Los Angeles on 6/29. My last mail check will be 6/27. So please plan to mail these so that they can get to me by this date.

2) I also won’t accept things for the box other than post cards. The box isn’t that big, but it can hold a bunch of postcards still.

3) If you are worried about the postcard staying in good condition, feel free to drop it in an envelope and mail it to me that way.

4) If you have questions, as always you can contact me via a comment on this post, twitter, or by the contact form!

7 Replies to “[Editorial] Los Angeles Bound & Falcom Fan Appreciation Event”

  1. This is a FANTASTIC idea! I’ll see if I can’t send a postcard your way. Have you thought about spreading word about this to various Falcom fan communities (like the XSEED boards or Ancient Land of Ys)?

    1. I’m working on spreading the word. I just hadn’t had a chance to sit down and really be to myself since I posted it. Today’s been a frantic day. xD

  2. Great idea!

    The only thing I’m a bit worried about is the time for us non-Americans. I think postcards can take up easily 20 days to go from Europe to America, and that’s without counting the usual delays. For people outside Europe it can even be worse. I suppose I can pay a bit extra to make sure it arrives on time, but I fear there will some that will unavoidably arrive late. Still, that just means we gotta go fast!

    1. And that’s totally my fault, but I didn’t even know I’d make it to AnimeExpo until yesterday, either. I didn’t want to start the process until I knew 100%.

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