Sen no Kiseki III Box Art and First-Print Bonuses revealed

In this week’s update for the Sen no Kiseki III website, Falcom has revealed the box art for the standard edition and first-print “KISEKI BOX” edition of the game.

Standard edition

The standard edition of Sen no Kiseki III will come with this box art, starring the recurring characters Rean Schwarzer and Altina Orion alongside new students at Thors Campus Reeves. In the background, you can see see the Imperial capital Heimdallr depicted.

The standard edition is priced at 7,800 yen.

First-print “KISEKI BOX” edition

Following Falcom’s tradition of gorgeous first-print editions, Sen no Kiseki III‘s comes in the form of the “KISEKI BOX”. While the box has been up for pre-orders for a while now, Falcom finally shared a glimpse of its contents:

The “KISEKI BOX”, priced at 9,200 yen, offers the following bonuses:

  • The Original Soundtrack Mini Limited Edition, featuring a selection of background music from Sen no Kiseki III.
  • The rubber strap set of SD character designs of the New Class VII (Rean Schwarzer, Juna Crawford, Kurt Vander and Altina Orion)
  • The Full-Color Art Book, featuring 128 pages of illustrations for each character, accompanied with their cut-ins during S-Crafts, in-game portraits and much more.
  • A product code to download the Thors Military Academy DLC costumes, to dress up the members of New Class VII in the crimson uniform rather than the blue one from Thors Campus Reeves.

You can order the game through Falcom’s Online Store (for instructions, see the FAQ) or your own preferred supplier. If you need further help on ordering the game, feel free to drop a comment below.


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