Sen no Kiseki III in Dengeki PS 641 – Cut Through the Future with Noble Blood and Will

Dengeki PlayStation # 641 on 6/22 revealed more of the Erebonian royal family and the combat system of Sen no Kiseki III. The chronicles feature also details more on the history and current status of Erebonia’s leadership.

Additionally, as always, the Chronicles portion will contain spoilers for Trails of Cold Steel and Trails of Cold Steel II. This section is not until the very end of the article.

Many thanks to Yotaka for proofreading the post, too!

As always, there are lots of details and information is all behind the cut.


Elise Schwarzer

Age: 17
Voice: Saori Goto

With glamorous black hair, and a tidy appearance, she is Rean’s younger adopted sister, and the oldest daughter of Baron Schwarzer.

She attends the St. Astraia Girls’ School in Heimdallr and is a close friend to the Imperial Princess, Alfin.

She sees Rean as no less than a true brother, and has her full trust towards him. During the time of the Civil War, she felt that Rean had lost his way, and proved to be reliable support to him from behind.

After the civil war, she was admitted into the senior high school classes at St. Astraia, and has taken the position of the president of the student council.

She carefully watches over Rean, who has since become the Ashen Chevalier, while supporting Alfin who has become anxious over the situation related to her brothers Cedric and Olivert.

Kondo’s Comments

The arrival of Rean’s sister, who has grown into adulthood.

After the civil war, Elise returned to St Astraia for her senior high school courses, and has become the president of the student council. As her situation changed, she also mentally and spiritually grew into adulthood, and many of the underclassmen at the girl’s school now rely on her. While her friend Alfin still teases her about her relationship with Rean, Elise doesn’t seem to be taken so off-guard by it anymore. Since Reeves isn’t that far from Heimdallr, Elise visits Rean periodically. Despite Elise’s changes, her relationship hasn’t changed much with her brother, as Rean is still the same as always. (laughs) Incidentally, Musse was an underclassman at the girl’s school and knows Elise, as well. More information on the connections between Musse, Elise, and even Alfin, are likely to be established during Elise’s visits to Reeves.


Keyword: The Family of Baron Schwarzer

The rural noble family that well remembered by the imperial family.

Due to Teo’s interactions with Yun Ka-Fai and the Eight Leaves, One Blade school, he has become a proficient swordsman, as well. This scene in Trails of Cold Steel II shows him using a feudal lord’s blade.

Teo Schwarzer is the adoptive father to Rean and the baron that currently governs the remote Ymir region of the empire. Though he was already low ranked in comparison to the other nobles, his family was shunned by the others after he adopted Rean, whose birthplace is unknown. For this reason, Teo withdrew from high society, became close to the people of Ymir, and chose to live a modest lifestyle. Though Elise is his daughter by blood, he still loves Rean all the same, who had grown up in a healthy family home.

Princess Alfin

Age: 17
Voice: Satomi Sato

Alfin is the Imperial Princess, the eldest daughter of Emperor Eugent, and the older twin sister of Crown Prince Cedric. She is tremendously popular amongst the people of Erebonia and has the sweet appearance of an angel.

She has a cheeky disposition, which is not at all like her older brother Prince Olivert. Alfin often makes suggestive comments about Elise regarding her brother Rean to enjoy the reactions she gets.

During the Civil War, she was held captive by the Noble Alliance for a short time until she was rescued by Rean, and she contributed a large part at the end of the war by lending legitimacy to the actions through the Courageous.

After the Civil War, while she has enrolled to the senior high school at St. Astraia, alongside Elise, she holds an indescribable anxiety over the new inhospitable situation with her older brother and the Vander family, as well as Cedric’s changes.

Kondo’s Comments

The angelic imperial princess who clutches onto her anxieties

As always, she has her bright and playful personality, but through the circumstances around her, she has grown in spirit as she enters St Astraia with her friend Elise. The situation around those close to her has seen a great upheaval after all that has happened with the Vander family and her younger brother, Cedric. She is held in high regard by the people of Erebonia, and even acted as a symbol for them with the Courageous during the Civil War. Not just that, but she also entered occupied territories as the princess to provide support to those who lived there. At 16 years old, Alfin was expected to make her debut into high society, but she chose to delay it due to the civil war and Cedric’s medical treatment. With her debut happening this year, people are wondering who she will appear with as her companion, and there are even rumors about Erebonia’s hero, the Ashen Chevalier…. but you will have to play the game to see for sure.


Keyword: St Astraia Girl’s School

An ancient girl’s school found in the Sankt District of the imperial capital of Heimdallr.

Alfin, the eldest daughter of Emperor Eugent III attends the school, as well as Elise, the eldest daughter of Baron Schwarzer who is the student council president.

While the administrative plans of the school have not changed, the school was forced to raise tuition costs as a result of government pressure on the nobles. As a result, many girls were forced to drop out, and other noble students have started to appear to replace them.

Prince Cedric

Age: 17
Voice: Naomi Shindo

As the legitimate son of Emperor Eugent III, he is the crown prince and the first in line of succession to the imperial throne.

He had an outwardly kind and docile personality, and he had a strong relationship with his siblings while holding high respect for his older brother, Olivert.

During the Civil War, Duke Cayenne of the Noble Alliance, took Cedric below the imperial castle. He was absorbed into the Vermillion Knight as a key for it. After Rean and the others struggled against it, he was safely released and later regained consciousness.

He recovered his stamina during his medical treatment, and though he had a lack of balance between mind and body, he still set off with the plans to enroll into Thors Military Academy.

Then… the following year, at the Thors Main Campus, the Crown Prince appears to be a far different, and strong-willed, person with overwhelming confidence.

Kondo’s Comments

The person who has drastically changed due to something happening.

With a completely different appearance in his illustration from the cute boy that was seen a year and a half ago, Cedric appears before Rean and the others after enrolling at Thors Military Academy. It was not the horrible situation he went through with Duke Cayenne during the Civil War that caused the change. I suspect that it was perhaps actually something that happened to him during his medical treatment.

As he has already been shown in the previous titles as having respected Osborne, he believes that the chancellor’s takeover of the imperial government strengthened it. Cedric also sees Rean as a ‘true hero’ for rescuing him. As he has changed, his feelings towards Rean have also changed. As Rean and the new Class VII come in contact with him, it’s likely that others from earlier works are likely to also return around the main campus.


Keyword: Thors Military Academy – Main Campus

The Reformed Main Campus of the Military Academy

Thors Military Academy is the prestigious Imperial school that has trained many students, and as the nation has taken on an expansion of its military in recent years, classes have become more focused to prepare students to join the military or for other similar positions. In February Rean Schwarzer, the Ashen Chevalier, graduated, and crown prince Cedric’s entry to the academy is just ahead in the spring as the school has transitioned to a new system. Rean has taken up a new role as an instructor of unique courses taking place at the second campus in Reeves, and the main campus will train six classes of its own. Also, the uniforms of the Reeves campus differ, as the main campus students wear deep crimson uniforms.

Full Size Artwork

Battle System

Break / Break Gauge

The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki III introduces the Break Gauge, which appears below the HP bar. (It will show when the enemy is selected.)

During combat, when the gauge hits 0, the enemy enters a ‘Break’ status, which the player should utilize to their advantage.

When enemies are affected by the break status:

  • Damage to them is Increased
  • Items can drop during the Break period
  • Exaltation Mode is cancelled [ed: explained below]
  • 100% chance of unbalanced.

? What efficient ways can be used to take down the Break Gauge?

  • During combat, when the enemy takes a certain percentage of damage, the Break gauge will begin to decrease. To efficiently take an enemy down into Break status, you need to use heavy hitting crafts, or target elemental weaknesses with arts.
  • You can also use common attacks to try and cut through the break gauge before the enemy hits 0 HP, potentially getting rare item drops…!

Special Status: Exaltation

  • Certain monsters and highly skilled and powerful enemies can utilize a status mode called Exaltation.
  • When an enemy activates Exaltation during combat, all attacks become critical, damage dealt to the enemy is decreased, and they can utilize the S-Break mechanic of the player, thus ignoring the AT Bar.

How do you deal with an enemy entering Exaltation?

  • With the damage reduction and all critical attacks, the enemy can attack with overwhelming power, but you can utilize the Break Gauge during battle to cancel the Exaltation status.
  • While an enemy is in Exaltation mode, they take more hits to the Break Gauge, allowing it to decrease faster, thus when you’re in a pinch, you can target it specifically.

Kondo’s Comments

To keep combat strategy fresh, this game introduces the ‘Break’ system.

Before, you had to focus on using arts related to weak points, using combat links to break through enemy resistances. For example, after the Break gauge is emptied, many of an enemy’s resistances will be decreased. To increase the range of tactics with this system, new quartz and accessories are planned to increase the damage a character can do to the break gauge.

This game introduces a new special ‘Exaltation’ mode where players will need to be prepared for strong enemies to utilize their S-Craft, while disregarding the turn order, making it more like an S-Break. It will be important to exploit the higher Break ratio, and defensive orders to deal with enemy attacks during this period of time while you try to turn the combat back in your direction. There are plans to reveal more of this system as character S-Crafts are revealed in the future.

Sen no Kiseki Chronicles

Inquiry of the Royal Family that Supports the Empire

About 250 years before the events in the game, is the War of the Lions, where Dreichels Reise Arnor, once victorious, assumed the throne. From that point on, the Arnor family would begin to inherit the throne. This time, as trouble rises up in the Empire, this is a chance to confirm your knowledge of the imperial family, and don’t forget to check Kondo’s comments regarding the Arnors.

[Editor’s Note: As an aside, a lot of the names that come up in this, I couldn’t remember the localized versions, so many thanks to Guan and the family tree he has posted on the Kiseki Wikia.]

The present Emperor and Empress – Emperor Eugent III and Empress Priscilla

His Majesty the Emperor is not only loved by the people of the nation, but also the supreme commander of the military. However, he is not a dictatorial person, and recognizes the decisions of the imperial government to act politically for Erebonia. Has he entrusted the operation of the empire to Osborne?

~ July 952 SE – The Close of the War of Lions

Prince Dreichels Takes the Imperial Throne

Year 947 SE. After the death of Emperor Valius V, the crown prince and son of the Empress, Manfred, was assassinated. Immediately afterwards, the fourth prince and the son of the Valius’ second consort, Orthos, used his military might to seize control of Heimdallr. He purged any who opposed him and named himself as Emperor of Erebonia. With that, the princes from three different mothers also claimed their “right” to the throne. This is how the ‘War of the Lions,’ the largest civil war to happen in Erebonia’s history, began. Two years later, the illegitimate son who was shunned from the line of succession, the third prince Dreichels Reise Arnor, raised a force of seventeen soldiers from the foreign territory of the Nord Highlands. Furthermore, during the civil war, the Lance Maiden, Lianne Sandlot joined with her Eisenritter and after succeeding in a trial, Dreichels also obtained the Ashen Knight Valimar. With this power, he was able to overthrow the false emperor and take the crown.

The Ash Knight Valimar

The ‘great knight’ obtained by Dreichels through the chance encounter with a ‘good witch’ in the outskirts of Heimdallr. While its fate after the end of the War of the Lions is unknown, Rean and the rest of his class found Valimar underneath the old school building at Thors Military Academy. Afterwards, once he overcame the trial put before him, Rean became an Awakener and could use Valimar.

March 1204 SE – Sen no Kiseki

Severe antagonism between the Noble and Reformist Factions that escalates into military action…

Originally a military officer, the commoner-born Giliath Osborne was inaugurated as the chancellor to represent the imperial government, and he began to put in place internal reforms to breathe new life into the old regime that was controlled by the nobles. As a result, the Four Great Houses conspired together to hire jaegers formerly part of Zephyr and use the Imperial Liberation Front to protect their vested interests. They used a large scale military push to take control of Heimdallr, starting with assassinating Osborne.

The Actions of the Imperial Family – The Supervision of the Conflict between the Noble and Reformist Factions from a Neutral Position

Emperor Eugent III does not make any conspicuous actions nor lend assistance to either the Noble or Reformist Factions, and remains with a standpoint to simply oversee any internal changes within the nation. This gives Prince Olivert a freedom for his own actions, such as the founding of the special Class VII with Thors Military Academy. Furthermore, he also had the high speed cruiser, the Courageous, built in secrecy to prepare for the ‘Age of Upheaval.’ The actions of Olivert are also confirmed by both the Crown Prince Cedric and Princess Alfin.

November 1204 SE – Sen no Kiseki II

Class VII comes back together to fight against the Noble Faction

The noble alliance was able to take over Heimdallr after the assassination of Chancellor Osborne and the Noble Faction and the Reformist Factions fell into a civil war. The emperor was confined and many citizens were taken hostage. Rean traveled to various places to reunite with members of Class VII. They then received help from Olivert to fight against the Noble Faction, who was assisted by the Ouroboros and jaegers.

The Path that Led to the End of Duke Cayenne’s Rampage

In a desperate moment, Duke Cayenne used Cedric to awaken the Vermillion Apocalypse.

The head of the Four Great Houses and the governor of the Lamarre Providence, Duke Cayenne became the supreme commander of the noble alliance. Cayenne had Alfin confined on the alliance’s flagship, the Pantagruel. Additionally, he also used Cedric to awaken the Vermillion Apocalypse. It took the involvement of Rean and the others to stop his ambition of controlling the empire.

The Dark Shadow Cast onto the Imperial Family during the Civil War

As Alfin was held captive on the Pantagruel, and as the people were under the control of the Noble Alliance, the Imperial Family had resigned to their roles as Cayenne’s puppets. On top of this, as Cedric was used as a key to awaken Testa-Rossa, their nightmares had become reality. On the opposite side, Olivert backed a third party with the high speed cruiser, the Courageous, that was not allied to either the Noble or Reformist factions. He made a strong push towards taking back the nation while assisting Rean and Class VII against the Noble Faction opposing them. Afterwards, Olivert left it all to them as he traveled west to a highly contested battlefield with the intention to help and protect refugees of the civil war.

Olivert made the plans for Rean and the others to base their activity from the Courageous.
After Rean rescued Alfin and they returned to the Courageous, she gave them her assistance.

1206 SE – Sen no Kiseki III

A year and a half has passed after the civil war, and it is now spring of the year 1206. After annexing both Crossbell State to the east and North Ambria to the north, Erebonia has become the largest nation on the continent. However, as the nation’s government begins to accelerate in its centralization of power, taxes are being consolidated and disorder is beginning to spread throughout areas of noble rule. This is setting the stage for the new tale.

Increase in Activity in the Ouroboros’ Actions

? In order to take back the ‘hijacked plan’ stolen by the chancellor, the Ouroboros is very likely to take serious action. Will the full plan be revealed!?

Pay Attention to Prince Olivert’s Actions!

Currently, the power of the imperial family is unknown, the Vander family has been removed from its duty of protecting the imperial family, and unrest is spreading through the regions. Will this restrict Olivert’s movements? Will all of the imperial family be involved? You will want to pay attention to the actions of this family.

? This costumed minstrel that wanders the world makes an appearance. Why would he hide his social status?

Kondo’s Comments

The Mystery Regarding Olivert’s Birth Will Be Seen in This Game!

While Emperor Eugent III and Empress Priscilla hold absolute authority in the empire, this game will contain powerful scenes involving them and the rest of the Arnor family. What is there to consider, after the emperor and empress were held captive by Cayenne and the Noble Faction during Trails of Cold Steel II? What is the significance of Eugent entrusting internal affairs to Osborne, who is actively expanding Erebonia’s territory, and what kind of confidence does he have towards Osborne? These kind of incidents entangling the Erebonia Empire will be told in this particular game.

Additionally, so will Empress Priscilla’s view of Olivert. As the details about Empress Priscilla are revealed, so will particulars about the mysteries behind Olivert’s birth, and fans should be looking forward to this.

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      1. Well at least he’s not an ungrateful brat to Rean after everything or else I’d have been just waiting to see his face when the Rean origins card was dropped on him. Thanks for the clarification, much appreciated ;)

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