Falcom Goods at Comiket 92, From August 11 ~ 13

Falcom has revealed that they will be at Comiket 92, on the dates of August 11, 12, and 13. Their booth, #1343, can be found on the first floor of the west hall of the Tokyo Big Site.

According to the Q&A on the site, they have their goods divided so that they aren’t all sold out immediately. On top of this, the goods are being made by Chara-Ani, so from past experience, many of these will become available on the Chara-Ani store sometime after Comiket has closed.

Falcom goods will not just be at Falcom’s own booth, though. The Kogado Studio booth (#1342) will also sell Falcom goods, but their item list has yet to be unveiled. From the message on the site, it also looks like more goods may be revealed before Comiket.

Details on the goods will be available behind the cut.

Sora no Kiseki Konpeito

Price: 1000 yen
Contents: 45g sugar candies

This bottle of delicious sugar candies has a label featuring Shinki Kitsutsuki’s art of Estelle and Joshua.

Sora no Kiseki – Fishing Legend Estelle Fish Sausages

Price: 1000 yen
Contents: 225g fish sasusages (3 at 75g each), bonus stickers

Fish sausages made from fish that might have been caught by Estelle.

Sora no Kiseki Orbment Keychain C92 Version

Price: 2500 yen
Size: Approx. 40x28mm with a 3mm thickness
Special Case included.

The C92 version of the popular metal orbment keyring has arrived! This cool item is now given an antique gold look to it.

Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana – Large Laxia Tapestry

Price:5000 yen
Size: 1500x500mm
Materials: Polysuede Fabric
Printing: Dye sublimation

The popular full height tapestry line now includes Laxia from Ys VIII!

Sen no Kiseki III B2 Tapestry

Price: 3000 yen
Size: 728x515mm (B2 Size)
Materials: Polysuede Fabric
Printing: Dye sublimation

A B2 sized tapestry featuring the Sen no Kiseki III teaser art.

Sen no Kiseki III T-Shirt

Price:3500 yen
Available Sizes: S/M/L/XL
Material: Cotton

To match the shirts released in 2013 for Sen no Kiseki, these are in the Thors II blue color.

Sen no Kiseki III Sacoche Bag

Price: 6500 yen
Size: Approx. 300x220x20mm
Materials: PU, Polyester, and Leather

This stylish sacoche bag features the emblem of Thors Military Academy. It’s possible to remove the shoulder cord to carry this as a clutch purse. This bag’s nonchalant design makes it perfect for city use.

Ao no Kiseki Evolution B2 Tapestry – Night Festival

Price: 3000 yen
Size: 728x515mm (B2 Size)
Materials: Polysuede Fabric
Printing: Dye sublimation

This tapestry features original art of Tio and Elie in yukata.

Mishy Tea Set

Price: 3500 yen
Set Includes: tea tin (with 5 bags of green tea), pouch, teacup, and tatami coaster

Take a break with Mishy with this tea set.

Mishy Fluffy Cushion

Price: 4000 yen
Size: Approx. 40cm
Material: Polyester

A circular cushion with Mishy’s face printed on it, and it is made of a soft, fluffy fabric.

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