[Editorial] I Promised All of You An Interview Back in July, Hadn’t I?

Last week, I wrote an article that talked about a variety of things, including the future of Endless History. In that article I mentioned that I had another feature for AnimeExpo that I had been working on. This has been meant to be a ‘wrap up’ of everything that happened at AnimeExpo. I planned to close that article out with a series of interview questions that I submitted to Toshihiro Kondo via NIS America.

I am disappointed to say that the latter part- what was expected to be the “star of the show,” is not going to happen. I sent the interview questions to NIS America and had been told that they were handled. However, beyond that I never heard back and my attempts to find out more information regarding the questions went by unanswered.

It has now been over three months. I am dismayed at this, but I think I’m more heartbroken at letting my readers down. I had mentioned this interview, and while I was excited – I know that there were people excited for the things I had asked, and have wanted to ask for several years now. These questions included finding about the multiplatform Ys VII that Falcom announced in 2009, the Innovation Unit, and if they had ever thought about working with a third party developer to use their properties in a crossover game. I asked about Adol’s adventures, that amazing timeline they published after Ys VI, and the development and planning of lore in both Ys and Kiseki.

The reason I bring these up is that I want my readers to know the things I wanted to ask Falcom – these are all questions that I wracked my brain over because it was so hard to bring it down to “just a few.” Following Falcom for Endless History for over eight years now has left me with a lot of things I’ve wanted to know and I would hope that my readers would have as well.

For that, I apologize profusely for the delay in my article. I will still write it, of course, detailing the events of AnimeExpo and the things seen and heard both at the autograph lines and other parts of the convention. I promise to publish it at some time after Extra Life this weekend.

This, of course, affects how I want to do the ‘final batch’ of postcards for the future. At AnimeExpo, NIS America had told me that they would relay the postcards to Kondo when I gathered the stragglers and any who hadn’t had the chance to send them. However, what has happened with NIS America regarding this interview has left me with apprehensions about whether or not they would be forwarded once they received the cards.

My interview held time-sensitive questions. That deadline for those questions has since passed and I’ve finally decided it’s time to let the hopes of the interview go. I’m sad that it went this way, but there are other things to write about. I would love to keep other things going, instead of waiting on something that might not happen at all at this rate.

Again, I am immensely sorry that I could not accomplish this task for you all- and I’m sure many of you were expecting this to be the big pay out of the AX trip. I am very sorry that many of you so generously donated money to see that this trip happened and I could not get this one task back out to you in response. I am disappointed in myself, the way things happened, and I promise that I will make it up to all of you in the future.

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  1. Look, you held your end of the bargain. It’s not exactly your fault if NIS didn’t hold up to their end of the agreement. Considering what I’ve seen thus far in regards to how NIS has handled Falcom materials, we should be thankful things ended up as good as they did…

    NIS has lost a lot of trust from the community over their handling of Ys 8 alone, and I hope Falcom is taking good note of that.

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