XSEED Games Reveals a March 26 Release Date for Trails of Cold Steel PS4 [UPDATED]

[EDIT] 11:22 AM CST: I’ve uncovered some information that sounds like miscommunication is happening somewhere regarding this release date. I’m starting to do some research on the topic. I’ll update this post as I learn more.

[EDIT #2] 11:42 AM CST: I’ve just spoken with the author of the Game Informer article and she has stated that she was given this information from XSEED directly.

[EDIT #3] 11:50 AM CST: I have also just received confirmation from XSEED Games as well.

In an article released by Game Informer earlier today, they stated that XSEED Games has given them the March 26th release date for the PS4 port of Trails of Cold Steel.

This has been without a release date for some time, and XSEED has been promising such a thing for weeks, with no information. With this announcement, it probably isn’t too far away to find out the release date for Trails of Cold Steel II.

The PlayStation 4 port of the title will feature dual-audio and the added English dialogue for Rean that is found in the PC release. The limited edition can be purchased for $49.99, which includes a steelbook case, a song selection CD, a 50 mira coin and more.

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  1. Already played this on PS3 and Steam but I can’t wait to play it again on PS4!!!

  2. So excited! I have both I & II on Vita, but haven’t yet played them! And seeing as my Vita doesn’t get the kind of love I know it deserves, I’ll most likely be playing these on PS4 due to it eating up the majority of my time! Plus a steelbook, sountrack and the mira coin are great additions! Like who wouldn’t want an actual mira coin?!

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