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[Fandom Friday] 03: Ys Fanart, Kiseki Scanslations, and Ys VIII Cosplay

This week is a small Fandom Friday, but I promise it’s a good one. This one will be pretty focused on Ys, obviously from the title. I have recently come across a brilliant Ys fanart to share, so that has been included in this week’s feature, as well.

[Fandom Friday] 02: Fanart, Fan RPG Boards, and Doujinshi

Welcome to the second column for Fandom Friday! I’ve got a submission in today’s entry, so you will see that below. Also included are some images- I’ve found some fanart to share, as well as provided some photos of series of doujinshi that I’ve had in my personal collection for years. There are a lot …

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2017 Falcom Desk Calendar and New Year Postcards Are Available for Preorder

As per the annual tradition, Falcom has unveiled their 2017 postcard style desk calendar. Additionally, this year will also see a postcard collection of New Year artwork that you can send to friends to celebrate the holiday. Both are in preorders now, but they will be on sale on 12/3. As a note, in the …

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[Translation Tuesday] Ys Timeline – The Ancient Civilization and Related Events Part 2 – Errata

This week’s Translation Tuesday is a continuation of the timeline that was posted on 7/21/2016. This includes various side bits of information from the same book, as well as an additional timeline from the Ys Global Guidebook, another interesting material book, that was published in 1989, and focused entirely on the settings for Ys I …

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[Translation Tuesday] Ys Timeline – The Ancient Civilization and Related Events Part 1 – Timeline

This week’s Translation Tuesday is to celebrate the release of Ys VIII with a special document translated from the Ys Perfect Data of I ~ VI book that was published in 2004. Though due to the publishing date, this information predates other Ys titles that have been released post Ark of Napishtim. They will not …

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Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 5/23/2016 – Ys Series Arrange CD Set

Ys Zanmai (Originally for 2000 yen) Ys the Oath in Felghana Super Arrange Version (Originally for 2800 yen) Original Soundtrack “Ys Shrine of the Heavens” eOrchestra Compilation (Originally for 1980 yen) Original Soundtrack “Ys Shrine of the Heavens” JDK Band Compilation (Originally for 1980 yen) The total retail cost of this set is 8760 yen. …

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Falcom Year End Special – Ys ALL Soundtrack Set (12 CDs for 9200 Yen!)

Such a clunky title for this, but it makes sense, yes? To celebrate the 2016 release of Ys VIII – The Lacrimosa of DANA, Falcom has announced that this year’s Year End Special will feature twelve Ys CDs. The CDs included in this set are listed below: Ys Zanmai (Originally for 2000 yen) Ys Memories …

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Falcom jdk Band θ Live Event Report

On Saturday, Oct 17, 2015, the Falcom jdk Band θ had its premiere concert. Earlier in the year, Falcom revealed two new musical groups to add to their line up, both being the jdk Band θ (‘theta’) and Real SPiKA, based on the idol group found in Tokyo Xanadu. While Real SPiKA had performed once …

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