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Symphony Ys -21st Century- Available Digitally on Amazon


Falcom has released this particular symphonic arrangement album of various famous themes from Ys I and II to Amazon. This particular album is not a regularly sold one as it has been given away as a limited edition item with one of their games. Now is your opportunity to get it at an amazingly low …

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Translated Bahamut Interview with Toshihiro Kondo about Sen no Kiseki II and the Future of Falcom


Many thanks to both Lorianna Yui and Vladisaac for the translations of this article! Exclusive Interview with Falcom president Kondo Toshihiro regarding the direction and history of the Kiseki series On April 15th, Nihon Falcom’s representative and president Kondo Toshihiro, with invitation from Sony Computer Entertainment, has come to Taiwan to attend the spring Playstation …

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[Throwback Thursday] The Morning Grow – Endless History


After seeing a number of people caving in to the “Throwback Thursday” trend popping up around a number of social media sites, I decided it’d be a great way to bring up a lot of the old classic aspects of Falcom and so forth. I figure, though, to start this series, I will be launching …

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Details for Sen no Kiseki Visual Collection and Falcom Zanmai Books and Preorder Availability


The two books announced yesterday are now available on Falcom’s online store for pre-order. The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Visual Collection Item Number: B98 Pages: A4 – 176 pages ISBN: 978-4-04-866370-0 C0076 Produced By: ASCII Media Works Publisher: Kadokawa Release Date: 3/27/2014 Price: 2000 yen The ultimate fan book for Sen no Kiseki. …

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Falcom Opening Preorders Soon for Two Books – Falcom Zanmai and Sen no Kiseki Visual Collection


Falcom tweeted today that details for two books will be posted today. The first is Falcom Zanmai, a comic anthology for many of Falcom’s series, featuring new art by Kitsutsuki Shinki, the artist of the Sora no Kiseki manga. This is set to be released on 3/28. Also announced, but with no particulars is the …

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PV Revealed for ‘Everyone Assemble! Falcom Academy’


The promo video for the Falcom Academy anime has been released! It’s a short video, but it will give you an idea of what to expect when it starts its broadcast in Jan 2014.

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