Delayed Updates

Imay be slow on updating this week- there is a bit of news that I can do tonight, but I need to put all my efforts into preparing for Extra Life this weekend.

My next update is likely to be on Sunday night or Monday afternoon/evening.

Thank you all for your patience.

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11 Replies to “Delayed Updates”

  1. Ah, Real Life (TM) is that way sometimes. No problem, I will just look at my copy of the Sora no Kiseki Trilogy World Guidance book. C.T.

  2. My Japanese reading skills are completely lacking (And the irony of it does not escape me.), but I find the book to be a nice, neat package (Except for the 2600 yen retail price, which the current exchange rates make it rather annoying.). World Guidance book is divided into different sections, including a gazetteer of the Liberl Kingdom (From the Liberl News Service.]; bio files on a very wide array of characters from the trilogy; apparently an encyclopedia of the various terms, places, and things; and digests of the story of the three games. There is not a lot of new info in the World Guidance book (Though some of the original art being used on the SnK collectible cards being released are used in the book, and some I may not have seen before, i.e. the face of Joshua's sister.), but it is a nice compilation of information about trilogy, with spoilers galore. Definitely not for newcomers who do not want to be spoiled. Well worth my time. C.T.

  3. Speaking of Sora no Kiseki…I recommend that anyone who (Like me.) can not read Japanese – you should pass on the Sora no Kiseki FC Scenario Book. It is basically 488 pages of Japanese text, with the occasional picture at the chapter breaks. Yeah, there is a reason why I know that… C.T.

  4. Actually- I've been meaning to get the Scenario Book because of what it is and the translation project. That book is the game script printed. :o

  5. Wait wait, so the scenario book is literally the game script printed? Exactly how big the book (the dimensions)? I'm assuming there's tons of text on each page right?

  6. Wait wait, so the scenario book is literally the game script printed? Exactly how big the book (the dimensions)? I'm assuming there's tons of text on each page right?

  7. Ok, I found the scenario book on Falcom's site (I forgot that they had this part of the site and also in English) and it really does seem like an interesting book. I mean, it's pretty much a story book so if you can read Japanese, you can have the book with you and read it! That's pretty neat I think. Oh a question, could I use the method from the "Falcom Special Offer" thread on Ancient Land of Ys to order other stuff from Falcom like the books?

  8. Yeah, but remember, we are talking about 488 pages of nothing but Japanese text…They even make a point of mentioning the page count on the jacket. Yes, you can do exactly that to order from Falcom. On the other hand, if you want to deal with native English speakers and a standard online retail transaction process (i.e., you do not email your credit card info.), you can order the Scenario Book from Akadot Retail. It comes in at under $35, which is more expensive than ordering from Falcom, probably (The book itself is not that expensive in yen.). On the other hand, Akadot is currently offering free shipping on orders $15 or more. (And yes, I was the one that ask them to carry it.) C.T.

  9. Ah I see. Now it's only the decision of choosing which one to order from haha. First I need to find the shipping cost from Falcom. Thanks though!

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