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@shiku フェルガナが売れたら、可能性は高いと思います。 RT イース、セルセタとケフィンもリメイク希望です!

As I tweeted:
Translated tweets: RT @shiku We want Ys Celceta and Kefin Remakes! @NihonFalcom If Felghana sells well, the chances are high. #Falcom

There’s another tweet of interest that I believe explains the situation with Ys 7 PC. I’m struggling to read it. Possibly because of how late it is, or something like that.

If any of you want to have a go at it–

それは社員全員の願いでもあるのですが、今はPC流通が大変なことになっていて、孫正義さんにでも直にお願いしたい!PCゲームが今日のソフトバンクの基礎を築いたのは間違いない訳で今こそ正しい義のために立てなんてね RT @Shinya_Ooki: 逆にYS7を是非PCで!(切望)

This tweet does state that they want it out on PC as well, but it seems that they’re stopped by a situation according to how PC games are handled by Softbank?

I will probably stick to twitter itself for these posts, a number of the time, but for the time being…

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2 thoughts on “Twitter Posts

  1. Silver

    Ooh, it sounds great that there's a high possibility for the PC version of Ys 7! But then again, seems like a distribution problem.

  2. Floofy

    Yeah. It's more than just a high possibility. The post feels like 'It will happen' but they don't have a date for it, yet. But you're right. It may be something of that sort. I'm patient if they're having issues like that. :D

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