Ys Celceta Info from Dengeki 522 and Famitsu 1231

I will start with the scans that were provided to me by @RyougaSaotome on Twitter. Thanks, man! These are from the Famitsu 1231 issue that was released last week.

From the Famitsu issue pictured above:
The article details the characters already revealed: Adol, Carna, Dulen, Gades, Riesa, and Grizelda.

However, it also brings up info on the following:
Kanririka(cv: Yui Ogura) – A red-haired girl who uses a giant mace. She is a logically thinking person, and adores Riesa.
Ozma (cv: Daisuke Namikawa) – A 20 year old youth from the aquatic village, Surrey. He has raised the sacred beast, Sparda, and is the last survivor of his family. Sparda is a type of ancient amphibious beast of Celceta, and has been with Ozma since they were young.

* Party Battle – This continues the tradition from Ys Seven, where you can switch out characters in the party of three.
* The O button is used to attack enemies nearby, and repeatedly pressing it allows for repeated attacks.
* As enemies are attacked, you will accumulate skill points. A combination of the R button and the ???× buttons allows you to activate the skills.
* Personal Action – in specific places, you will see a target circle, which is identifying that a specific character must be used to perform a personal action. This can be anything from throwing knives, to using a specific key.

–From the Dengeki issue:

Frida (cv: Yuuko Kaida) – This is the green haired woman with the halberd from the opening. She is a female knight from Danan, a village within the Celceta Forest. Her partner, Nina, is a tiny, man-made fairy.
Nina (cv: Yui Kano) – Frida’s partner. She is a homunculus- a synthetic fairy-type creature. She has a tendency to talk too much.

System Information
Party Battle
* The square button allows you to switch characters during combat.
* Using a ‘pinchout’ motion on the rear touchpad sets priority to attacking enemies, whereas ‘pinching in’ changes priority to evasion.
* Just like in Ys Seven, the attack styles of cut, smash, and projectile return. Enemies will have attack types that they’re strong or weak against.

* The system that uses skill points has returned.
* There are skills to allow gold to be dropped in larger amounts (Karinririka is a goldmaker.)
* When a skill is learned, during a battle or against a strong boss, there’s a flash and the learned skill is used.

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  1. Hmm, halberd and homunculus you say? I’m picturing a scene in a bar somewhere in Ispani. Adol and Geis are having a few drinks and shooting the breeze when the alcohol gets the better of Adol and he starts talking about this girl he knew in Celceta… and then he flees for his life as Geis chases him and raves about how Adol will pay for daring to touch his precious cousin.

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