The Dengeki Shop is Selling a Special Pack for Both Sen no Kiseki III Versions

In this week’s Dengeki PlayStation, as well as on their store site,, Dengeki has unveiled that they will be doing a special pack for the Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki III, which will be available for both the standard and KISEKI BOX editions.

The additional contents of the Dengeki Pack include:

  • Lloyd Bannings SSS costume for Juna.
  • Special: B2 Fabric Poster (see image for details)
  • Special: Instructor Rean’s Class Register clear file
  • Original Shoulder totebag
  • Original t-shirt

Dengeki is doing a limited run of these, with their preorders only available until 7/24/2017. Once this date passes, you will not be able to preorder this set at all. (The end date will be included on my site’s calendar.)

More information on the t-shirt and tote bag will be available in the future, should details be unveiled as it gets closer to the deadline.

As a note: the leather keyring that was recently unveiled from Falcom is a Falcom Shop bonus only. All of the contents of the game, except for this keyring, will also be in the Dengeki packs, as well.

[ Dengekiya Shop Page – Sen no Kiseki III Standard Edition ]
[ Dengekiya Shop Page – Sen no Kiseki III KISEKI BOX Edition ]

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