[Translation Tuesday] The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Pre-Story: The Ring of Judgment – Chapter 01


A few weeks ago, I did the prologue chapter of Ring of Judgment. As I needed some more time to get this planned video completed, I’ve decided to provide Chapter 1 of the manga this time around.

As I said before:
The Ring of Judgment expands on the incident involving the Bracers Guild in the first Translation Tuesday but it also brings in Estelle and Joshua, and you can see part of their journey that begins at the end of Second Chapter.

Please note, this manga does take place after Trails in the Sky Second Chapter, and the main story for Ring of Judgment does have some focus on an event from SC. Though this chapter in particular does not spoil major events (but it does allude to a major one), it will contain major SC spoilers by its conclusion.

As I said before, I was part of Eidenyaku when I originally worked on Ring of Judgment. However, on looking back at it, I found it pretty bad. So I decided to take a step forward and fix this mess of a scanslation with a better font, cleaner typography, and slightly re-edited dialogue to make it flow a little cleaner. As I’m making this the finalized version of it, I will also be pulling the version from Eidenyaku down from that site, and pointing any downloading links back to this article for those interested. I will also continue with these re-edits, and finally get to the epilogue chapter and the bonus pages, both of which hadn’t been translated via Eidenyaku.

You may also notice some interesting ‘issues’ with the pages as they were scanned. That is because these scans came from the run of the manga while it was in the magazine Dengeki Maoh. Though it is printed on lower quality quality paper, the pages are also larger in size than the published book, which allows for higher quality scans in the end.

Due to the chapter being 20+ pages, I will not include the pages in the post, since that would be a bit overkill. However, the zip file will be made available through the link at the bottom.

Translation: Shram
Editing / Scans / Cleanup: omgfloofy
Proofreading: Gu4n, Yotaka

Though it may be straightforward for most, please remember that this is a Japanese manga and it hasn’t been flipped. As a result, remember to read from right to left!


8 Replies to “[Translation Tuesday] The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Pre-Story: The Ring of Judgment – Chapter 01”

  1. Ah, so is this manga where it’s explained what happened to all of the Bracer Guild branches in Heimdallr? I just reached that point in Trails of Cold Steel, so I don’t know if it’s touched on in any great detail there.

    1. It kind of goes into it. It’s a combination of this and the events that happen in the related door that was released a few weeks ago for Translation Tuesday.

      1. Alright then! I may have to look at that door again – I don’t remember it touching on that too much, but I now that I think about it, they DID need to create a situation dire enough to keep Cassius in Erebonia for a few weeks.

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